Why Bartın Department of Civil Engineering?

Why Bartın Department of Civil Engineering?


Practical Training:

Our basic engineering and basic engineering courses are supported by sufficient laboratory practice to make it easier for our students to transfer their theoretical knowledge to practice.

Business Place Training:

           We send our students to their workplaces on a full-time basis during the first semester of the 8-semester teaching plan so that our graduates can begin their work experience more experienced.

Career Counseling:

           Our new enrollment counselor is giving advice to all of our graduates. We provide counseling support from career guidance to business problems.

Foreign Education:

           With our overseas university connections, we allow our students to study in one of the most negotiated universities. We support our students to undertake internships abroad.

Project Support:

           We encourage our students to take active roles in public and industry-supported projects. Students who want to take part in the projects are determined from the 2nd semester and directed by their advisors. We also provide financial support to students who represent our university at home and abroad.

Teaching Plans:

           While preparing our teaching plans, the conditions recommended by international accreditation bodies are taken into account. It is revised when our teaching plans are needed in line with the opinions of internal and external stakeholders, including students and graduate representatives, sector representatives, departmental lecturers.

Social Activities:

           We create environments where our students will entertain, navigate, compete and discover different information. We organize sporting tournaments, knowledge and skill competitions that will enable our students to get together during the year. This competition can also involve our graduates. We do research on the spot with our technical and social trips. Steel Bridge, Concrete Canoe, DASK, we prepare our students for competitive environments.


 Foreign Language Education:

           Our students who wish to prepare with the optional preparation class will be able to improve their foreign languages; we allow our wishers to begin engineering education directly.

Distance Education Courses:

           Our students can follow the foreign language, Turkish language and Atatürk's principles and revolutions courses they have taken from the first class at the time they want, and they can direct their questions to the instructors through the system during the class hours.

Graduate Tracking System:

           We keep communicate with our associates. We are constantly monitoring graduate development. We undertake the role of bridge in establishing the connection between the old graduate and the new graduate and the graduate student. We are getting help from our graduates in employment and internship support.

Laboratory and Infrastructure:

           In our hydrodynamic and floor-transport laboratories equipped with modern equipment, our students can apply individually and in teams and make informed contribution through research and finishing projects. You will have the opportunity to have one of the most functional construction laboratories of our country with the completion of the construction of our large scale laboratories belonging to each branch of education..

- With young and dynamic academic staff,

- Having the capacity to host 10000 students, with the dormitory facilities in the administration of the Loan and Dormitories Institution,

- Quick and easy access to the campus,

- With social activities on a green campus,

- Bartın is a province where you can develop activities such as cycling, hiking, photography with its magnificent nature, you will admire its wide sandy beaches, nature parks and historical monuments.

            As Bartın University Department of Civil Engineering, we invite our valuable students to join my family.

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